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Submitted by njtosd on August 10, 2019 - 3:10pm

Because there's been some commentary over the years by jazz enthusiasts, I thought some of you might be interested in a fundraiser for Gilbert Castellanos Young Lions Jazz Conservatory next Sunday, August 18 at Bread and Salt (link to event at the bottom of this post). Here is some information about the program: https://www.younglionsjazzconservatory.org

Gilbert will be performing along with Marshall Hawkins (bass), Joshua White (piano), Rob Thorsen (bass), Bob Boss (guitar), Charlie Arbelaez (sax) and Tyler Kretell (drums) in addition to his beautiful and talented wife, Lorraine Castellanos. These are heavy hitters in the local and national jazz community (Joshua White is amazing - here is his bio: http://joshuawhitemusic.com/wp-content/u...).

Please spread the word if you are able - this is a once a year event and proceeds help defray the rent on the teaching space in Liberty Station and fund scholarships and instruments for kids who are in need.

Here is the link for ticket purchase and more info about the event::


(Hope this post is acceptable - my apologies if it violates TOU).