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Submitted by FryJ on March 7, 2019 - 5:09pm

My husband and I and our two young kids moved to San Diego from Orange County last year. We have been renting in Carmel Valley and are now looking to buy a SFH in University City (UC). Although my husband works near UTC, we are not intimately familiar with UC since we don't live there. We would like to buy in the Curie Elementary school area since that school seem better on paper then Spreckels. That would put us on the east side of UC.

While looking at a house on the east side today, a lender who lives on the west side approached us and strongly suggested that we buy on the west side instead and that we would thank him later. The reasons he mentioned were: nicer neighborhoods, more police services, more power/influence, less "through" traffic from commuters avoiding the 805. He said that there is strong east vs west sentiment in UC. He also said that we could easily get into Curie despite not living in the boundary area. I'm aware of the choice system, but the historical rates show that only about 30-40% of choice applicants get admitted into Curie.

Can someone who is familiar with UC give me their view on this? Should we definitely avoid the east side?

Submitted by spdrun on March 7, 2019 - 5:23pm.

Cynical view here -- the "lender" ain't lending his own money. He wants to lend you more money (posher area) in order to get a bigger kickback (commission). Go with what fits your price range and where you like to live, not what a lender's gofer tells you to do.

BTW - "better police services" aren't always a good thing. This can mean "cops called by prissy neighbors because you're BBQing in your back yard at 9pm, or because your kids are outside."

Submitted by SDNative2 on March 7, 2019 - 6:50pm.

My experience with the school district and living around there is buy on the West side if you can afford it. When I lived there, I saw fewer (house) rentals and the landscaping on the west seemed to be better generally. Curie is superior.

Submitted by spdrun on March 7, 2019 - 7:07pm.

Tenants are people, too. "Good" landscraping is actually nasty -- requires pesticides, herbicides, and toxic people who are perfectionists and will probably call the cops if you walk in your own neighborhood after 10.

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