Uncertainty in Permitted Rooms

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Submitted by jwizzle on April 12, 2017 - 2:44pm

Hi all! I used to be a frequent reader, and i'm dealing with something that i'm hoping people might be able to give guidance on.

I purchased my house almost 6 years ago that had a converted garage. At the time, we were told garage conversion permitted status was "unknown". We checked with the county, and confirmed the square footage matched the house square footage with the garage conversion area. So we figured it was permitted. The actual permit records are flimsy at best, we couldn't tell from looking at them whether a permit had been pulled, but there did appear to be a mid-70s permit that would match the garage conversion timeframe (a longtime resident told us roughly when it had been converted. And that the owner at the time was the neighborhood "permit enforcer" so they were skeptical it was unpermitted).

Flash forward to now. We take in plans for an expansion. They get rejected because, according to the city, the garage conversion is not permitted. We're working with the architect to find a way around this (it is a huge pain because we live on a cul de sac and apparently our huge driveway isn't long enough to be "replacement parking").

However, i'd like to know if anyone has any insight on how the county assessor could be counting it as square footage on which we pay taxes, but the city says it's not habitable square footage. I'm flummoxed, and i'd love to have some kind of authority or code or something to go to the city so that we don't have to go through the process of getting an "as built" permits, inspections, etc on the conversion. Alternatively, I might consider asking for reassessment of our property tax bill based on the "correct" square footage (i.e. not including the unpermitted area) if that's possible.

Submitted by gzz on April 12, 2017 - 6:24pm.

Maybe the permit was rejected after the county updated its tax roll with the higher sq footage. One is a city issue the other is a county issue.

In real estate listings "permits unknown" means unpermitted 90% of the time.

Submitted by sdsurfer on April 13, 2017 - 10:40am.

Would it be that difficult to just convert it back to a garage?

Submitted by FlyerInHi on April 13, 2017 - 12:26pm.

sdsurfer wrote:
Would it be that difficult to just convert it back to a garage?

You need permits either way.

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