Two Realtors walk into a bar

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Submitted by temeculaguy on August 17, 2007 - 12:15pm

One says to the other, "how do you select a list price?" The other one replies "I usually throw in the couches and the T.V.'s and add 100k to exact model matches that have over 100 days on the market."

Normally that would be a funny joke, but here it is. I know SDR has told us why unrealistic sellers drive the list price but this is just silly.

They are not finding action evident with the 100+ and 160+ days on market at 464 and 485 because the new ones are 50k less from the builders.

This one pops up the other day at $570k. Perhaps the realtor's lack of understaning of the english language has spread to the lack of understanding of her chosen vocation, maybe cyphire can re-write her narrative and e-mail it back to her. Then again, I am in need of some black leather couches for a hundred grand.

Silly seller, tricks are for kids.