Termite Tenting a free standing deck - cheapest options?

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Submitted by teaboy on May 1, 2018 - 11:52am

Hi Folks,
I have a free standing deck in my backyard (about 450sqft) which is fairly riddled with termites. It's mostly on the horizontal decking, not on the joists, beams, posts. So, I'm doing spot repairs myself to replace the really bad 2x6s.

I got quotes for tenting the deck from Corky's and another large termite company, and although I'm told it'd only cost $500-$600 to tent the deck if I was doing it in addition to the house, If I want to tent only the deck on its own it'll cost $1200-$1300 since that's their "minimum" quote. The house is recently tented and doesnt need it.

Any thoughts on how i can get my deck tented for cheaper than $1200-$1300? Are there any contractors or smaller termite companies I could maybe have better luck with to negotiate to get it done cheaper?


Submitted by flu on May 1, 2018 - 5:17pm.

Have you considered alternatives to tenting?
If the termite damage is confined to particular places you could try using targeted treatment like some of the orange goop that some companies do instead of tenting....

There is a company called High Tech Termite Control Inc that I think uses different methods depending on your specific problem..... fumigation or targeted treatment like microwave and/or orange goop.....

I didn't use them specifically but someone I know did. They aren't cheap for a whole house but maybe they are willing just to do a section. it's not a recommendation or endorsement. just giving you ideas.

If it's on the horizontal deck, it might be worthwhile to replace it with synthetic for the long term.

Submitted by teaboy on May 6, 2018 - 4:57pm.

So, $1000 was the lowest quote I got, the minimum job size the company would take.
Think I’ll investigate what termite repellent/treatment I can buy and start with some spot treatments myself.


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