Securing the home?

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Submitted by Bubblesitter on December 22, 2012 - 4:14am

With all the gun news recently, it got me thinking if I'm doing everything I can to stay safe.

A good alarm system, with camera systems is good idea these days, along with window stickers and yard sign.

No solicitation sign.

Good security practices like always locking your doors and not leaving garage door opener in your car parked on the street.

For those absolutely insistent on bearing arms, especially if you have kids, PLEASE PLEASE INVEST IN A DECENT SAFE. Bold for emphasis.

Here's a disturbing article on just how unsafe, some safes are.

Many people who get guns are not properly trained and use poor security practices in storing weapons. Unfortunately good techniques like trigger locks, separate ammo and weapon and strong large safes make quickly countering intruders less practical.

More people are killed by accidental shootings, suicides, domestic homicides by relatives than by armed burglars / home invaders, etc.

Anybody with guns and kids in same household, please take some extra precautions.