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Submitted by joec on May 18, 2019 - 12:09pm

Just curious what some of the smart folks here think about this whole SDG&E Time of Use energy thing...

Here's the chart and pricing:

Submitted by BoomerAang on May 18, 2019 - 7:06pm.

Opted for the original tiered system. I've got solar though on NEMA 1.0 that covers all my electrical usage.

Electricity in San Diego is so expensive compared to the rest of the country. Getting ridiculous as to how much prices are being raised every year.

Submitted by svelte on May 19, 2019 - 11:41am.

Did the same thing - stayed with my tiered plan instead of taking the TOU they were automatically switching me to.

I just analyzed my last 10 years of SDGE bills. Found this interesting:

Rates in April 2019:
Tier 3: $.49
Tier 2: $.35
Tier 1: $.25

Rates in April 2012:
Tier 4: $.26
Tier 3: $.24
Tier 2: $.17
Tier 1: $.14

In other words, the cheapest rate this year is about as much as the highest rate 7 years ago. Rates have almost doubled in 7 years.

Submitted by biggoldbear on May 28, 2019 - 12:39pm.

I went solar in Early 2016.
-2016 used straight tiered net metering, used slightly more than produced, owed ~$30 at true-up
-2017 went TOU, Summer peak (11a-6p) was about 53c/kwh so production during day gained more credit, the rest of the time was about 24c. Used more energy than 2016, but had $100 credit remaining at true-up.

-2018 SDGE changed peak pricing and hours, but I was grandfathered in (DR-SES-G) for 5 years.. HOWEVER both on peak and semi-peak are paying/costing 43c/kwh, only off-peak time in summer is 10p-6a. To help compensate, I upgraded pool pump to variable speed, so it was quiet enough to run at night and more efficient. Also purchased a plug-in hybrid car, only charge at night in summer.
End of year, used most energy yet, year end credit -$7.

2019- So far this year, running better than last year, even with rainy weather. More efficient pool pump has more than offset additional usage from plug-in car.

2021- I'll have to revisit plans available, all TOU switching to 4p-9p peak, I think straight net metering will likely be best option.

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