Re-work Policy of Auto Mechanic

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Submitted by NotCranky on September 19, 2016 - 10:10am

So what does your mechanic do when they mess up you car , don't replace the right part to solve a problem, etc? I haven't met one yet that doesn't want large additional money to try again.

I have many stories on this , Is it just my hot- headedness getting in the way of car repair because I don't like giving the guy more of my time and money?

Recent case, Rear brakes are squeaking.
I called the mechanic and made the appointment totally prepared for a rebuild.
To his credit he says clean and adjust would be a reasonable path and he shows me that the pads are pretty good. Turns drums , all at a reasonable price.

The Brakes are rubbing badly after the clean and adjust. Called the guy and now I need a full rear brake job. I would be willing to buy new parts, even though he proved I didn't need them before I got to his shop,There is nothing wrong with anything he did not touch. He will give me about a whopping $50 credit, though he makes up the bill so who knows? I don't see after losing my time and money , why he would get anything to make my car right? I am willing to buy the parts, to some degree I would be the beneficiary, even though his work possibly damaged the drums and definitely removed remaining life on the pads. Am I missing some element of fairness here?

This happens with supposedly very long established reputable mechanics in my old neighborhood and this current one. Right now I am leaning towards buying the parts and doing it myself. I can do it , just haven't wanted to. That old saying, if you want something done right , do it yourself is just screaming at me!