PSA: Costco Insurance Is Great

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Submitted by Coronita on March 11, 2022 - 11:37am

I am slowly transitioning all my insurance from Allstate to Costco American Family Insurance

Allstate jacked up my auto insurance and rental properties insurance by 2x.

I called Costco American Family Insurance for my newer cars, and my insurance was LESS than my previous Allstate insurance (so it ended up being more than 1/2 the latest renewal price).

American Family Insurance doesn't have direct homeowner's and rental's insurance, but they are an agent and found me a policy with Farmers through their partnership which is also 1/2 of what Allstate wants now.

For my 2 really old cars, I'm insuring those through Hagerty as a "classic car". Full year insurance is really cheap for 2 cars, like $200/year.