OT:Until there are some high-profile suicides, I'm not buying it

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Submitted by teatsonabull on September 25, 2008 - 9:23am

If things were truly as bad as Hank, Ben, and Shrub would have us believe they are, surely we would be seeing suicides among those responsible for this mess, no?

Since this appears to me to be just another "Weapons of Mass Destruction power grab", I plan to seriously consider warning about and then intentionally defaulting on about $100K of "good" debt, and to encourage others to do the same, if they actually move forward with a bailout.

Submitted by CardiffBaseball on September 25, 2008 - 11:41am.

Not sure if I will but understand the temptation....

As Sam kinison used to say "I don't support wife beating, but I understand what turns MR HAND into MR FIST"....

Too bad I have 100K of Sallie Mae, you can never escape those guys, so that's why I probably wouldn't bother defaulting. An exercise in futility.

Submitted by Veritas on September 25, 2008 - 4:57pm.

Don't hold your breath. There are no Admiral Boorda's on wallstreet, only cowards and robber barons. Japan has honor with greed. We have mostly greed.

Submitted by Enorah on September 27, 2008 - 11:48pm.


"Credit crunch banker leaps to his death in front of express train"

The City was in shock last night after the apparent suicide of a millionaire financier haunted by the pressures of dealing with the credit crunch.

Kirk Stephenson, who was married with an eight-year-old son, died in the path of a 100mph express train at Taplow railway station, Berkshire.

Mr Stephenson is believed to have taken his own life after succumbing to mounting personal pressures as the world’s financial markets went into meltdown.

The death of the respected 47-year-old City figure evokes memories of the 1929 Wall Street crash in America and comes as:

• Bradford & Bingley teeters on the brink of nationalisation after a dramatic share price slump.

• David Cameron faced embarrassment on the eve of the Tory conference after members of a secretive club of Conservative donors were linked to the ‘short-selling’ of Bradford & Bingley.

• Gordon Brown was wrongfooted by Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, who announced plans to set up an independent watchdog to police the Treasury and strip it of key powers if the Conservatives win the next Election.

New Zealand-born Mr Stephenson, who owned a £3.6million, five-storey house in Chelsea and a retreat in the West Country, was chief operating officer of Olivant Advisers.

Last year, the private equity firm tried to buy a 15 per cent stake worth almost £1billion in Northern Rock before the bank was nationalised, bidding against Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson.

Submitted by sdduuuude on January 6, 2009 - 10:02am.
Submitted by The OC Scam on January 6, 2009 - 11:51am.

Hopefully he went where the rent is free? Peace out Adolf Merckle! NEXT

Submitted by nccoastalseller on January 6, 2009 - 5:00pm.

Another one bites the dust: http://www.reuters.com/article/hedgeFund...

Submitted by svelte on January 7, 2009 - 1:45pm.

And another one gone and another one gone. Another one bites the dust.


Submitted by nccoastalseller on April 22, 2009 - 8:25am.

Another High Profile Dirt Nap:


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