OT: Lol..Lowering your auto insurance rates by claiming a different gender

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Submitted by Coronita on January 24, 2020 - 10:00am

So I was talking to my insurance agent as part of my annual insurance contracts for home/auto/life/umbrella and I was mentioning that I was slightly annoyed that every year, my insurance slowly creeps up, despite having not filed many claims. Long story short, my agent told me that some folks in California who are biologically male have been claiming they are female on their auto insurance policies. The reason being is statistically, women are safer drivers then men, and hence statistically have lower insurance rates age/driving record being equal...sometimes the difference is 20%... So I guess in CA, some men claimed they were identifying as female so that on their application so their rates would be rated based on the female's rate...And there was nothing the insurance company could do about it. Apparently it happened so often, that now the insurance company are redoing their rates. Female will no longer be rated lower than male, and somehow the extra premium will be passed on to everyone else (hence why maybe everyone's premium is going up).

Lol, when I heard this... I was disappointed....that I didn't think of this first.... shucks....

Submitted by gzz on January 25, 2020 - 7:08pm.

Cal auto rates have to approved by the doi in advance, same as most states.

Even rate cuts require approval.

The approval requires a cost justification, so if women’s discount is going down it is because of claims data.

I doubt fake-transgenders could be a cause, just too few people doing it.

As for real ones, does a middle-aged man taking a megadose of estrogens and undertaking a 2nd, female puberty hurt his driving? Do you all remember how moody you were the first year or two of puberty, 12-13 for most of us?

For transmen, we know what artificial male hormones do: roid rage.

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