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Submitted by scaredyclassic on November 1, 2020 - 1:09pm

Playing a game called ignore the news.

Im going into local wilderness area early tues.

Will be there through thurs...

The game will be to see how long i can go without discovering the winner of the ele tion.

Will need to stay focussed. Inform those around me of my wish.

Turn off phone notifications.

Submitted by sdrealtor on January 14, 2021 - 10:44pm.

Cortez Hill is a nice spot away from rough spots but getting places will involve a walk through some rough areas but as a former NYer your up to those. Prime area is Marina District which is nicest, best location and safest. Another benefit is it is next to the Judicial Center. I have a client that retired there after teaching law shool over 40 years. He was the guy with his own designated chair in the middle of the student lounge who used to hang out there all day chatting with students until his wife would call him home. Im sure they will name something after him at that school when he passes. He loves (at least pre-Covid) being able to hang around the courthouses and find plenty of young lawyers to talk to.

Submitted by scaredyclassic on January 15, 2021 - 12:45pm.

I saw 1 guy sitting outside jack in the box openly holding a meth pipe, and i saw another guy maybe on national take a hit off a meth pipe and immediately burst into an enraged paranoid monologue [not entirely dissimilar to the inner monologues that occasionally occur in my own head].

The open drug use is concerning. We are getting old. I cant be attacked, break a hip, etc.

On the other hand, the homeless seemed pretty chill. No aggressive, or really any, panhandling.

In some instances, its difficult to tell whos homeless . We saw a reasonably dressed woman, young, eating a pie while squatting down against a building. We had a hard time figuring out.

Homeless or not?

Her purse looked too nice. But why is she eating a whole pie outdoors. Against a wall? Grubby clothes, but i was dressed worse. Not always clear.

Submitted by svelte on January 15, 2021 - 2:57pm.

scaredyclassic wrote:

I do not agree that everything is OK. Everything is just as it was. unstanble. Chaotic. Primed for possible improvement, or decline.

Oh, I never said everything is OK!

I said the foundation is solid.

We've never been a perfect country and we never will be. Such a thing will never exist.

The biggest problem that I see currently is the tin foil hat crowd on the far right were empowered by Trump. But to be truthful, it is not all his fault - modern comm channels (internet, cell phones, etc) have given that crowd a way to connect better and whip themselves into a fury. Those two things combined to empower them. That's not going to go away. We're going to have to deal with it.

A leader of the Lincoln Project said as much recently and said that we were lucky with Trump because he was such an idiot that everything he tried floundered. He said we won't be so lucky with the next leader that faction picks - they are likely to be smarter at hiding bad intentions and will be much harder to contain.

And before someone accuses me of being far left, I have similar concerns about the far left - those who feel wealth should be evenly distributed to all, that they have the answer to environmental problems that they want to foist upon the rest of us. Not real thrilled with them either, and they too are becoming better organized.

So no, things are not OK. They are better, but definitely not OK.

Submitted by scaredyclassic on January 16, 2021 - 11:27am.

Solid seems a little too optimistic. More like a sandy foundation.

Slightly closer vote, maybe trump couldve strong armed his way in to the supreme court and argued plausibly and won.

America, at least half of it seems to want the authoritarian boot on its face. Republican house loves it too. We want to be crushed in fear and kept in line by a strongman.

I have very little hope democrats will do anything to help either. Maybe just give everybody UBI, a monthly weed and pasta allotment and call it a day.

I believe the only thing republicans respect is an iron fist and the whip. So best course forward. Hit them so fucking hard they never recover and splinter forever.

Change all the rules. End the filibuster. Stack the supreme court with 20 liberals. Undo gerrymandering rules.

Put hawley and trump on the no fly list. Impeach cruz. Ruthlessly attack them. Never let up for a moment.

Run up the deficit three times what trump did. Buy a majority.

Fuck with their heads. Loosen gun laws. Fuck it.

Prosecute the hell out of everyone republican congressman insurrectionist.

Burn them to the ground without mercy.

Expose every wrongdoing in endless benghazi like hearings. Have the video of the riot playing non stop for the next 4 years as you pick off and crush house members like bugs.

In other words, grow a pair and hit back twice as hard as they hit.

Do not be remotely nice or fair. Do not negotiate with terrorists. Starting at the top.

Lock him up. For real.

Not that it matters. We are environmentally doomed anyway .

I went to the hills and the view was literally of a scorched mountainside from the cranston fire. You cant run to the hills they're burnt to crisp.

Submitted by phaster on January 16, 2021 - 11:48am.

scaredyclassic wrote:

The capitol riots cheered me up. We are a nation founded on genocide and slavery, and in general we've always been an undemocratic, militaristic, war-mongering, nation of aggressive dudes ready to mess up other countries for our own personal gain. It's who we are. It's our brand.

Now, it seems, we are the same, except the anger is directed inward. This is interesting. The enemy is us. Instead of screwing with guatemala's elections or some CIA coup outside our borders, we seem to be doing to ourselves what we have been doing to the world for a century. Destabilizing ourselves as an inside job.

Its therapeutic for the world for us to bring our aggressive idiocy home where we can deal with it without screwing up other nations.

Also, really, I was a bit jealous of the capitol rioters. So much community spirit amongst them, which I do not feel in my own life. So much purpose! and they seemed to be having such an awesome time. It looks like maybe one of the best days of their lives, and for most, with small penalties to pay, probably on the whole worth it. What am I? Some dumb liberal wuss who hates gun and is afraid of everything. I want to walk into the Nation's capitol like I own it, maybe take a piss on Mitch Mcconnell's desk. Man that would've felt good. But no, I can't because I am a reaosnable antifa type person who is concerned about other humans points of views. What a dope.

I do not agree that everything is OK. Everything is just as it was. unstanble. Chaotic. Primed for possible improvement, or decline.

Overall--thrilling. I give jan 2021 5 stars.

seems the phrase "May you live in interesting times" is what we have to look forward to (even w/ the forthcoming change in management)


President Trump is expected to depart Washington, D.C., next Wednesday morning, before Joe Biden is inaugurated as the new president, an administration official confirmed Friday.

Trump has said he will not be in attendance to see his successor sworn in, but aides had previously expected the president to leave the White House a day early for Florida.

Instead, Trump will leave the morning of the inauguration. He is expected to stop at Joint Base Andrews for a military ceremony, an official said. The plans were first reported by Reuters.

Leaving before Biden is sworn in will allow Trump to depart on Air Force One since he will still technically be the president. Had Trump waited until after the inauguration, he would have had to request permission from Biden to use the presidential plane.

The president has forgone the usual victory lap that many presidents have taken on their way out of office to boast of their accomplishments. Trump made brief remarks earlier this week at the southern border to highlight his agenda cracking down on immigration.

But he has otherwise mostly been out of sight since Jan. 6, when he delivered a speech to supporters near the White House urging them to fight the certification of electoral votes affirming Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.


the reason we still face "interesting times" in 2021 and beyond is because so-called conservatives who were part of the the January 6th "stop the steal" MAGA gathering


lack the balls or brains to recognize they have drank the kool-aid

if you want a laugh consider TRUMP is leaving office just like NIXON (The Time Air Force One Took Off But Never Landed)


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