o/t The Great Reset -- COVID-19 and the riots part of a larger plan?

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Submitted by CA renter on June 8, 2020 - 6:12am

Some were called "conspiracy theorists" for saying these things.

Everyone needs to see this. They aren't even trying to hide it anymore.


Submitted by scaredyclassic on September 10, 2020 - 8:49am.

ltsddd wrote:
scaredyclassic wrote:
really? I'm feeling kind of chipper and optimistic. Usually Im the worst case scenario kind of guy. The more negative things are, the more positive I feel, that things got bad but didn't disintegrate. i think everything's actually gonna be ok. sure the stock market will crash, global warming will cause mass civil unrest, wackadoodles with guns will be shooting others on the streets, but basically, things will proceed.

Note to self. Stock up on toilet paper and instant noodles. Again.

if the general mood is one of doom and gloom, being an emotional contrarian, I am compelled to think these are pretty good times.

And you know, in retrospect, i really do believe that we will look back on these times as relatively good. bickering about whether trump is a "bad man" violating the constitution, after real problems, like mass homelessness and starvation in the USA due to global warming, will seem like a dream. truly, we are living in the golden age right now, where we can even think of stocking up on toilet paper without selling our children into slavery.

Submitted by svelte on September 10, 2020 - 12:08pm.

Yeah, its like that post running around FB right now.

We whine and complain about how bad 2020 is - and it's not pleasant that's for sure - but think about someone living 1900-1950.

They went through WWI. Then the 1918 epidemic as soon as that ended. Then the Great Depression. Then the Dust Bowl (which affected a wider area than most think). Then WW2. Those decades included many riots on topics such as unionization and race (see 1921 Tulsa race riots).

Throw in polio, TB, and a few other unpleasantries and 2020 pales in comparison.

Submitted by scaredyclassic on September 10, 2020 - 1:39pm.

2020 may be my best year ever. the lockdown helped me get my head together, feel better than ever.

doing lots of work by video, from anywhere, now.

Sure, the vibe feels increasingly like a technological fascist dystopia, but day-to-day, I'm enjoying life way more in 2020 than 2010, worried about real estate transactions, young kids, money tight,

hell i'm even loving life when it was 114 degrees outside last week, i was in my pool, hanging out, waiting for the end of the world, happy.

i might change my tune if i get the cove and cannot breathe, but if it continues like this, i am in halcyon times.

I'm going to say I'm at least 40% happier than I was 10 years ago, even though I'm old, closer to death, have a foot injury...life is beautiful

Submitted by Rich Toscano on September 14, 2020 - 4:55pm.

As I said in another post: "I understand that it's a popular pastime to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories about this pandemic, but please don't do it here."

Disinformation like this does real harm. I don't want it on this site. Thank you.

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