OT: $20M party for Dubai Hotel Atlantis $1.5 billion resort

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Submitted by equalizer on November 21, 2008 - 12:27am

"The real world rarely intrudes on the artificial playground of Dubai. And last night, the global financial collapse seemed far behind as one of the most outlandish architectural extravagances of recent times opened with a £15m celebration in the company of A-list stars and a feast of 4,000 lobsters.

The hotel's top floor aims squarely at the ultra-wealthy. A three-bedroom, three-bathroom suite complete with a gold-leaf, 18-seat dining table is on offer for $25,000 a night.

For the 2,000 guests, it was a heady cocktail of sunshine and as much champagne and oysters as they could wish for. Kylie Minogue was given her very own fiscal stimulus, a £2m cheque to perform at the party thrown by South African tycoon Sol Kerzner, 73, to launch the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah hotel.

Four Michelin-starred chefs masterminded the food, helped by 500 sous chefs and 1,000 waiters."

More vanity projects instead of useful projects. heard that vanity projects always occur at peaks, such as Petroneus Towers around time of 98 Asia Crash, NYC skyscrapers in 20-30s.

How is that $140 oil/barrel working out for Dubai?


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