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Submitted by SamLora00 on June 17, 2008 - 8:58pm

While the Indian reality sector is set to grow to a mammoth $ 90 billion enterprise in the next eight years supporting 250 ancillary industries like cement, brick, and steel through backward & forward linkages, the advent of information technology is also unveiling its impact on the economy in general and the real estate sector in particular with the spectacular success of property portals such as, and to name a few. Needless to add, the search for that ideal property has now been reduced to the click of the mouse and Builders Cochin is having the real advantage with it.
The USPs of online property sites lie in the inherent advantages of the Internet. Internet allows 24*7 access, all 365 days from anywhere across the globe. While allowing a global exposure, sites like 99acres allow interactivity. Therefore, the medium proves to be quicker. One doesn't have to wait for a property supplement on the weekend, and is able to access a huge database, and search houses according to type, need and budget, at the click of a button.
Moreover, the medium is not local, and one can browse through properties in Bangalore, while sitting in Delhi. Not only that, they facilitate direct contact with the relevant builders and brokers, thereby reducing a lot of the time and effort required while searching for property. Brokers offer very localised services, and therefore any one looking for investment in any area in northern India will need to go through 100 brokers, before short listing suitable properties.
The portal has also tied up with leading banks & financial institutions (HDFC, ICICI & Citibank), to facilitate financial solutions to their audience, besides powering Yahoo's property section in their bid to further increase NRI traffic from its current levels of about 30 per cent. They also offer builders and agents more options in terms of advertising on the net and educate them on how to get better response through medium.