New wood burning fireplace restrictions-rant

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Submitted by JJsqueeze on March 7, 2008 - 9:28pm

I'm sure most have heard about the adoption of new rules regarding "no burn" days for home fireplaces. I don't have the details yet, but if what I hear is true, our government now sees fit to legislate the use of my fireplace. I am truly astonished. I am so stoked (pun intended) that they think this is important. I was driving home over my pothole ridden street after fighting traffic in a crime infested neighborhood between my work and home when I heard this on the radio. What's next, outlawing summer barbecues? It's friggin' depressing to think of the way our government wastes our money. Between this, Bernancke's dollar devastation campaign, the steroids hearings and the looming mortgage bailout of predators and idiots I feel like I'm living in an insane asylum. Usually I can put up with this crap but enough is enough.

End rant.