Most Expensive City in the World - Moscow # 1

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Submitted by SD Transplant on June 19, 2007 - 3:20pm

Who could have thunk it? Moscow # 1 toppig the most expensive city in the world report. London # 2 and so on.

Check this out: LA fell to the 42nd spot in 2007 report from the 29th place in 2006 (one year). This is raport shows a more real impact of a falling $ in the global market. What do you think?

I also love this quote: "In Moscow, a luxury two-bedroom apartment will cost an expat $4,000 a month; a CD rings up at $24.83; one copy of an international daily newspaper is $6.30; and a fast-food hamburger meal totals $4.80."

I guess Vodka is pulling a fast one on the Wiskey for the time being....ouch