LOL: Talk about adding insult to injury. Check out this "12 things that cost more than Bear Stearns"

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Submitted by Coronita on March 18, 2008 - 11:34pm



Late Sunday night, JP Morgan Chase agreed to buy cash-strapped investment bank Bear Stearns for $2 a share, or $236 million. Last week, the company was valued at more than $14 billion. This is one of the swiftest corporate falls in history. But just how bad was it? Here's a list of things that cost more than the century-old Bear Stearns.

  1. The latest winning Powerball jackpot: $275 million
  2. The salaries of the six cheapest Major League Baseball teams: $242.9 million
  3. Microsoft's investment in Facebook: $240 million
  4. The Houston Texans football team: $700 million
  5. Tom Perkins's 289.1' sailing yacht Maltese Falcon: up to $300 million
  6. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's forthcoming 482.6' motor yacht, the Eclipse: $300 million
  7. David Beckham's contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy: $250 million
  8. IM startup Meebo's desired valuation: $250 million
  9. Alex Rodriguez's contract with the New York Yankees: $275 million
  10. A brand new Airbus A380: $319 million
  11. The most expensive building ever sold -- 666 Fifth Avenue, New York City: $1.8 billion
  12. The divorce settlement Heather Mills wanted from Paul McCartney: $250 million (Photo by AP/Mark Lennihan)