interior designer or design contractor for bathrooms?

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Submitted by treehugger on June 9, 2016 - 3:40pm

I would like to update my bathrooms, but not sure what to do. Has anybody used a good interior designer or design contractor that you would feel comfortable recommending?

I had this image of ripping out the downstairs tub and making it a walk in shower, in my mind I would make the shower floor match the quartzite trim of the pool. I have 500 sq ft of large leftover travertine from the floors I thought could go up the walls, but I also want to redo my backsplash in the kitchen and found this beautiful glass tile I would like to use and don't want to have too many mixed mediums going on in the house. Could really use some advice from someone with some style sense, some flair, practicality, and an eye for resale value.

Submitted by FlyerInHi on June 9, 2016 - 4:51pm.

Do not use travertine and natural stone on the wall in bathrooms.
They are porous, will absorb liquid and discolor. I agree that you should not use too many materials. You can use imitation travertine that will look almost the same.

Quartz trim of the pool on shower floor is awesome. That will create continuity.

I tell my friends who do not have a sense of style to throw away preconceived notions. You know and feel goodlooking when you see it. Try to emulate that or hire an interior designer.

I recommend a rain shower from the ceiling with spot lighting over the lavatory and the shower. Use sconces on the sides of the lavatory and/or shadow lighting behind the mirrors. Avoid those ugly fanciful vanity lights.

I like cabinets hung on the wall, not touching the floor, with LED lighting below.

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