HR 35 - Lynching, when something that isn't lynching becomes lynching

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Submitted by ucodegen on June 5, 2020 - 12:52am

And then we have the politicians, who under the guise of an Anti-Lynching bill, are trying to redefine a whole bunch of actions that are not even remotely 'lynching' as lynching. Under the proposed HR 35, the following would be redefined and punished as if it were lynching: section 245 - Violation of federal protected activities(all), section 247 - Damage to religious property(incl graffiti), obstruction of persons in the free exercise of religious beliefs(any/all), section 249 - all acts considered a 'Hate Crime'(regardless of how minor). Lynching is penalized as if you killed someone. - Your Tax Dollars at work. (PS: Don't go Democrat vs Republican because members on both sides voted for it).

There is a real problem. The problem is the portion of law that gives 'Qualified Immunity' to law enforcement. Since Qualified is not defined in the passage, it has erroneously been interpreted very openly in favor of law enforcement - becoming Absolute Immunity. This is ignoring the precedent that non-specific portions of law are to be interpreted favorable to the public and as narrowly as possible.

Abuse of this is something that has caused many riots, including Rodney King...