Honest market reporting

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Submitted by scaredyclassic on August 17, 2020 - 8:46am

Headlines from news stories are all meaningless. Things like

Gold price holding gains as New York Fed reports sharp drop in manufacturing activity

Have no testability, proveability, informational value. Correlation doesnt equal causation. But here, we may not even have any meaningful correlation.

We should read absurdist financial news instead.

NASDAQ 5 day winning streak broken as Zeus angered by improperly executed sacrifices.

Oil prices up 2 % while Jennifer baldwin eats extra slice of apple pie and thinks about trading in her car.

New home starts tick upward nationally, new black hole discovered by caltech astronomists.

Facebook shares hammered as murder of crows flies above john borovsky's head in akron ohio.

Im sure this type of financial news could be a new art form.

Strange graphs with 12 axises.

Interviews with entomolgists noting insect impact on hedge funds.

Whats telling, in a way, is that financial headlines never use the word BECAUSE.

Gold price holding gains because New York Fed reports sharp drop in manufacturing activity.

Replace as with because and you have a meaningful statement.

As, might as well be Dadaist writing.

Why in the hell do i or anyone read anything ever on any financial news sites. It should just be numbers.

I hereby vow to never ever look at or read any article ever again on any fin. News site.

The Surreal Market Report.

I call it the butterflywing financial news

Financial news with a peyote infused viewpoint.