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Submitted by scaredyclassic on May 11, 2020 - 7:20am

Covid 19 fuckup too complex for pithy anti trump slogan?

Submitted by scaredyclassic on May 11, 2020 - 8:20am.

Maybe usa being number 1 for corona deaths is a badge of honor for trumpers. A sign of freedom.

Less deaths, less freedom.

More deaths, more freedom.

It makes sense, actually.

The world hates us for our freedom.

Because we dont wear masks or cower before dictatorial viruses, because we have the courage to lead the world even if we have to kill millions of our people....

Plus, death by virus has a pseudo capitalist feel to it. Culling weaker entities.

And I think we have a deep longstanding contempt for the elderly. So although people dont say it, I think the average american believes that less elderly is a good thing.

I mean, I dont feel like I identify at all with that idea, but I do think we spend way too much money on medical care prolonging end of life for the elderly. So maybe I'm part way there.

I have always felt irrationally that it was kind of dumb of people to be old.

Young, better.

I could see a much higher death toll being a positive in the 2020 election. 500k dead.

Trump makes the hard choices to make america great.

Freedom fries for everyone!!!

Would be beautiful if trump wins because subconsciously all the swing states really wanted to kill all the older folk, but then dies, because hes old.

I'm starting to get old and I can sense I'm irtitating to my kids. I repeat myself. I'm dated. I like old shit. I dress funny. I'm wrinkly. My hair is grey. I'm skinny, but I think I'm becoming a skinny old man, which is different. And repulsive. My house smells weird. And I'm just starting out in my journey into oldness. I'm sure if I was truly elderly with lots of problems,they'd be thinking, at least occasionally, come on old man, do you really like living like this? How bothersome that we have to worry about you. Have u not lived enough?

I remember coming home to see my parents after a spell. And thinking my G-d what the hell happened, they look so much older

Really at this point, mass death is trumps best play. Screw half measures. Pedal to the metal on the economy, kill the weak, let G-d sort em out.

When trump said he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th ave and get a pass, what he really meant was he could allow 1 million elderly to die and america would celebrate.

If every single usa citizen over age 62 died, would the survivors really be angry, like Benghazi angry?

I would say, no. I'd say the survivors would actually be happier. A little sad, on the surface. Bit of mourning. A small void.

But deeper down, relieved. 62. Clear the social security rolls, forgive all student debt, reset.

You really think young people wouldnt be overjoyed?

People r funny

Submitted by scaredyclassic on May 11, 2020 - 8:35am.

Wikipedia... senicide...

I especially like the ancient Roman proverb..."60 year olds off the bridge!"

A little superficial research indicates this may have been more a political statement, the bridge led to the polling place, and old people were thought to be dumb voters...but still, it has a nice ring to it.

No one over 60 can vote in the USA. Cause you're DEAD!!!! Hahahahaha.

Personally, I think if every single american over age 55 died tomorrow, we would have a better country. Dont you? The average age of presidential candidates is symptomatic of the problem. Old people are draining america of its life force. Plus old people are stuck in old ways of thought

That's why the Roman's wisely cut off voting from people over 60. They watch fox news. Their brains are soft. They just want to sit around and complain of how everythings gone to shit.

The Heruli were a Germanic tribe during the Migration Period (about 400 to 800 CE). Procopius states in his work The Wars, that the Heruli placed the sick and elderly on a tall stack of wood and stabbed them to death before setting the pyre alight.[4]

In the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the illegal practice of senicide – known locally as thalaikoothal – is said to occur dozens or perhaps hundreds of times each year.[5]

A common belief is that the Inuit would leave their elderly on the ice to die. Senicide among the Inuit people was rare, except during famines. The last known case of an Inuit senicide was in 1939.[6][7][8][9]

Ubasute (姥捨, 'abandoning an old woman'), a custom allegedly performed in Japan in the distant past, whereby an infirm or elderly relative was carried to a mountain, or some other remote, desolate place, and left there to die. This custom has been vividly depicted in The Ballad of Narayama (a 1956 novel by Shichirō Fukazawa, a 1958 film, and a 1983 film).

An alleged custom was to throw incapable or ill elders off certain cliffs, a confirmed practice was the performing of euthanasia on ill, senile or suffering elders carried out by selected women named accabbadoras (lit. 'terminator' or 'ender') that after a blessing of the soon to be deceased would proceed to kill them through suffocation or blunt force to the back of the head by wooden mallet.

Main article: Lapot
Lapot is a mythical Serbian practice of disposing of one's parents.

Main article: Ättestupa
In Nordic folklore, the ättestupa is a cliff where elderly people were said to leap, or be thrown, to death. While the practice has no historical evidence, the trope has survived as an urban legend, and a metaphor for deficient welfare for the elderly.

Parkin provides eighteen cases of senicide which the people of antiquity believed happened.[10]:265 Of these cases, only two of them occurred in Greek society; another took place in Roman society, while the rest happened in other cultures. One example that Parkin provides is of the island of Keos in the Aegean Sea. Although many different variations of the Keian story exist, the legendary practice may have begun when the Athenians besieged the island. In an attempt to preserve the food supply, the Keians voted for all people over 60 years of age to commit suicide by drinking hemlock.[10]:264 The other case of Roman senicide occurred on the island of Sardinia, where human sacrifices of 70-years-old fathers were made by their sons to the titan Cronus.

The case of institutionalized senicide occurring in Rome comes from a proverb stating that 60-year-olds were to be thrown from the bridge[citation needed]. Whether or not this act occurred in reality was highly disputed in antiquity[citation needed] and continues to be doubted today. The most comprehensive explanation of the tradition comes from Festus writing in the fourth century AD who provides several different beliefs of the origin of the act, including human sacrifice by ancient Roman natives, a Herculean association, and the notion that older men should not vote because they no longer provided a duty to the state.[10]:267 This idea to throw older men into the river probably coincides with the last explanation given by Festus. That is, younger men did not want the older generations to overshadow their wishes and ambitions and, therefore, suggested that the old men should be thrown off the bridge, where voting took place, and not be allowed to vote.

Submitted by FlyerInHi on May 11, 2020 - 12:14pm.

scaredyclassic wrote:
Covid 19 fuckup too complex for pithy anti trump slogan?

How about “Trump lied, 1 million died!”

BTW, Hillary didn’t cause the 4 Americans to die in any way. But the Republican narrative was very powerful.
If Americans are willing to believe such crap, then we deserve what’s coming at us. I have given up being being an American the same way one may walk away from one’s whackjob relatives.

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