Gardener recommendation - Rancho Penasquitos

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Submitted by teaboy on May 31, 2017 - 7:41pm

Hi Folks,
I am an out of town landlord of a SFH in PQ (Rancho Penasquitos).
The house has a very low maintenance yard with mostly crushed granite, artificial turf, and a deck. I currently have a gardener come every 2 weeks to mostly just blow the leaves and (very occasionally) trim some fronds off some young palm trees. I pay $25/visit, but the guy basically does very little. Lately I've had issues with some of the sprinkler apparatus. If I wasn't out of town I'd pop by and fix it myself, but after trying to talk with the gardener (my Spanish sucks) I am finding it surprisingly hard to get him to communicate what needs to be done and give a quote thereof.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a reliable landscaper for a one off sprinkler repair/overhaul in PQ? Or should I ditch my current gardener and find someone a little more effective/reliable who can also proactively maintain the irrigation system?

Thanks in advance,