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Submitted by Coronita on October 22, 2007 - 10:14pm


My daughter and I evacuated carmel valley. And just arrived safe in LA, staying with my folks.

 I did not receive a reverse 911 call, but was told by news and neighbors to evacuate. Fortunately, I planned early this morning, so it was just a matter of getting in the car (minus losing my keys in the process...later found in the car).



I would recommend everyone to start packing your belongings in your car just in case.

1) Pictures.  You can't replace them.

2) Computer, or hard drive. Because you can't replace the data.

3) Legal documents (deeds, marriage certs, etc). I forgot mine, though I think replacements can be obtained at the county clerk

4) Any medicine you need especially if you or your family has a respritory issue.

5) Passports/ valid id's, insurance docs, etc.

6) water

While CV is currently not in direct threat, i believe fire has extended all the way into fairbanks ranch. So be prepared.


I wish everyone the best of luck and safety. I am no longer in SD for the time being, cand have no further updates to share.



Submitted by RottedOak on October 23, 2007 - 11:25am.

The key, of course, is to take these things if you have time to pack up and evacuate in an orderly fashion. Hopefully anyone who is following the story closely will be able to do that. On the other hand, if firemen show up at your door and say to get out now, and you haven't prepared your belongings -- leave them! No photos are as precious as your life. But if you have time and are anywhere that even might be asked to evacuate, f_l_u is right: pack some things up in advance, so you can grab them and go if and when the time comes.

Remember, 'P' stands for priorities:

1) people
2) pets
3) papers (important ones that you may need, such as id, deeds and insurance docs, not your Playboy collection)
4) precious keepsakes (if they are irreplaceable, small and can stand being stuffed into your trunk or a travel bag)

If it isn't on that list, don't futz around with it. That jewelry you like can be replaced with another pieces that you will love just as much. Ditto for any "mementos" piled in your garage. Etc.

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