Countrywide Protests - Mabuhay Alliance

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Submitted by michael on November 24, 2007 - 10:20am

I'm sure some of you have seen the recent protests outside Countywide offices. I think these folks are pretty silly. The article I read mentions the leadership of Faith Bautista of Mabuhay Alliance. Mabuhay Alliance is a non-profit group that "empowers minority groups."

I pulled up Mabuhay's form 990 (non for profit IRS filing) online. Turns out that the group had income for 2006 of $370,433. Faith Bautista's compensation for 2006 was $33,000 and had deferred compensation of $53,640 for a total of $86,640 - or 23.3% of the toal income for the non profit.

The non for profit also spent $100,462 on Sponsorship and Educational programs (seminars) and $105,570 on Economic Development Dinner and workshop.

The way I see it, Faith Bautista, which is the owner of San Diego Advertising Specialties and realtor for Realty Service Center, uses this non for profit for self promotion on the back of the IRS and supporters.

She scams minority groups into homeownership and then says she empowers them.

I may be way off on this... any thoughts?