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Submitted by Hobie on May 21, 2020 - 1:43pm

Govenor Newsom is ramping up hiring contact tracers. CDC is promoting this collection of data. While it makes sense on the surface, by rattling the cage it will generate a ton of 'new' contacts as potential carriers. They will be asked to quarantine.

It is going from a single test of one person to a huge sample of 'possible' positive carriers. Seriously, these venn diagrams are going to sweep damn near everyone up into having recent contact pool.

Guessing if several show up at a single workplace, State will require entire workplace or venue to close. It seems like this is creating a viscous circle. Places are allowed to open now, only to be closed again in weeks.

Convince me this is not a tactic to keep economy depressed for political reasons.

Submitted by Coronita on May 22, 2020 - 4:24pm.

hahaha.... You guys are royally fucked in terms of privacy....
because I worked on all the geolocation shit, some of which was donated to Google, and other sold to third party companies...

It's not bluetooth, it's not gps, it's not wifi, it's not your cellular data that will pinpoint your location. It's ALL OF THE ABOVE working together. Bluetooth is crappy for trying to pinpoint someone location with accuracy unless there's a lot of beacons deployed in given venue. It's only good at short range and requires a lot of beacons. Otherwise you can't tell if someone is entering a store or exiting a store or entering the store on the first floor or second floor or third floor.

A major computer company spelled with 4 letters, two being the same, pathetically tried to use Bluetooth as a way to turn on a monitor when you entered your room. Couldn't figure out when someone entered the room or entered the room right

Trying to triangulate over wifi gives you a coarser grain location but lacks the granularity of a Bluetooth beacon mesh. But it's less intrusive because you don't need to deploy so many goddamn beacons. GPS works until you get inside a building, then either the signal drops or even if you could get signal it's hard to resolve which floor you are on. Bouncing your phone off of cell phone towers is another option that is course grain. The problem is each of these paths all have their advantages and disadvantages and using just one thing all the time won't really help you.....

That's where all this software comes in that uses all of these techs and glue things together where you are. The course grain the data someone wants, the less expensive the software and service is. The finer grain, the more money it's going to cost you.

There's public attempts at doing this. These public apis on the phone called "nearby" apis are pathetic and crude attempts to do this. Some of us private companies can do much better, we just don't like to discuss how so we can make more money selling to other people.

Ever wonder how after visiting a physical store, you suddenly start getting coupon deals for stores similar to the one you visited? Its because we are watching you at some of the malls, or shall I say, watching your phones...

We can nail you down not only to which store you entered, but with the help of nfc, even which items you picked up while in the store.

Google is already using a shitload of people's cellphone in a car to augment the real time traffic info for Google Maps.

The one thing that will prevent companies from doing this? Not tech limitations..... Hippa...unless that gets torpeadoed.

Why do you think people at my company are being called back to work? Because while getting a mall to pay for this technology to serve targeted coupons is "cute"...There's a much more compulsory use of this technology....mandated by the government .....

Submitted by FlyerInHi on May 23, 2020 - 10:11am.

Very interesting.

Submitted by Coronita on May 23, 2020 - 1:20pm.

Oh btw. On Android, if you have an app that asks for bluetooth permissions and you accepted. That app has the ability to turn on your bluetooth even if you have it off. And the app doesn't even need to let you know about it. Only recently, in recent Android OS does the OS start to restrict background services to run without you knowing

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