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Submitted by carlsbadworker on December 12, 2008 - 7:22pm

The 6 months housing hunt comes to an end today. I will be moving into Temeku Hills. Price is a little bit below $100/sqft with about end of 2001 & beginning of 2002 price. But the house is in move-in condition with many upgrades, so I get about 2001 pricing in the end...which is what I wanted. Like TG, it is probably 45 cents on the dollar from the peak so I wouldn't complain about it.
However unlike TG, I still think there is more downside to the housing market, but we are sold on three things:
1. The size 2600-2700sqft is perfect for two of us with kids planned very soon. And it has the best space use in our 6 months' house hunt
2. The location of Temeku community is ideal to us although the house is not in the best location
3. The clubhouse sealed the deal

Anyway, I still have some bullets left for another house in a similar price range. So I can get it work either way if the housing price goes up or down in the next few years. And that's why we think the house size is ideal for us.

Back to the real topic. I'm still a little bit unprepared for what follows the offer acceptance: inspection, loan, etc. Can anyone of your recommend a good inspector in Temecula region? Also, HLS can I get your contact info? My email is lovenatureus at yahoo.com.

Submitted by HLS on December 12, 2008 - 7:38pm.


I'll send you an email,,, it may end up in your spam folder.

Happy to help you if I can, including an inspection contact.

If your agent isn't helpful, I can guide you through much of the process as well.

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