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Submitted by Happs on February 5, 2014 - 5:53pm

The bid and dealer I feel most confident in is a Waypoint for the following.

1) Master Bath
Two VDB1234H (Vanity Drawer Base--3 drawers)
Two VSB2734H BUTT. (Vanity Sink Base--2 door, false panel)
One VDB1534H (Vanity Drawer Base--3 drawers)
One UT2424X96 AS BUTT. (96" Tall Utility Cabinet)

Small Bath:

One VAN6034HBK (4 Doors, 2 Drawers)

Utility Cabinet has 1.75" crown moulding. Scribe and toe-kick included. Furniture End Panels. The cabinets with tax and installation $3650.

Last year, I purchased new kitchen and bath cabinets from Cardell and obtained 45.75 linear feet of cabinetry for $7000. This master and small bath cabinet project is 14.83 linear feet for $3650. Are master bathroom cabinets more expensive than kitchen base and uppers? Or is the fact that I have a lot of drawers involved bumping up the cost?

Is negotiating something that can be done with a cabinet bid?

Submitted by CA renter on February 6, 2014 - 8:03pm.

That does seem pretty steep. Drawers definitely cost more than cabinets with just doors. Did you choose a particularly expensive style or finish?

Submitted by NotCranky on February 6, 2014 - 8:44pm.

Some things make them cheaper per linear foot than the same kitchen cabinets and some things pricier. The tendency for the drawers for bathrooms to be narrower, but have all the components of wider drawers drives the cost per linear foot up . The part that holds the sink is cheaper just like in the kitchen. Those tall sections are very expensive either way.

In general I would say expect the bathroom to cost more per linear foot. With the tall unit and number or drawers you have I say it probably applies to your specific case. The cabinets you had bid at that price should be fairly high quality,
I guess you will make sure you are getting your money's worth on quality.

Submitted by Happs on February 8, 2014 - 2:18am.

No, just regular maple cabinets in slab/slab style (drawer and door front) with a normal sprayed on painted finish.

I don't really have any negotiating leverage because all of the bids I received for this brand were the same or higher. Interestingly, I received a gift basket of cookies, biscuits, tea, coffee and a mug from the company and dealer thanking me for considering them. First time that's ever happened.

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