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Submitted by deadzone on February 23, 2022 - 2:35pm

Covid is over now for all intents and purposes. Amazon announced return to the office (3 days a week) and no longer requiring vaccine.

You knew this was coming, other large tech companies will follow suite. This change in addition to tech stocks getting absolutely hammered in the stock market this year will pretty much put an end to the "Bay area tech worker moving to ___ for remote work".

Just another ominous sign for the housing market along with rapidly rising interest rates. Anybody flipping houses now is going to get rammed hard. I think Zillow was wise to get out of that business when they did.

Submitted by Coronita on June 9, 2022 - 11:43am.

sdrealtor wrote:
I would guess that the surveys are always lagging behind a little bit. Those figures also represent some kind of average. Around here people average and below are more typically renters. Those at the average and above are the ones that skew towards the homeownership

$122k/year fresh out of college isn't bad at all.

So when I was out of college, my salary was around $39.5k/year at Qualcomm (forget about the stock options for now).

Back then (when dinosaurs roamed the earth), rent for a studio 1/1 was around $700/month in UTC

I looked up the same studio just now, and it's 1890/month for 500 sqft.

rent-to-income back then was 21.3%
rent-to-income now is 18.6%

So relatively speaking, software engineers are doing roughly the same. Nominally, they are doing better. But the tax rate for $122k is also much more than someone making $39.5k so after taxes, is probably about the same. With $122k though, you can put a lot more into your 401k and get a lot more 401k match ,though... So that's an added bonus. Back then, I couldn't contribute the full 401k amount each year, because I didn't make enough. Kids these days can contribute the full $20.5k/ year, and they won't even notice it if they do the pre-tax 401k and they will get all their gains tax free if they do the Roth 401k, which wasn't even an option when I was starting out. So kids these days have it a lot better in many ways. They can hit their 7 figure retirement accounts when their in their late thirties or early 40ies if they play their cards right, versus later 40ies/early 50ies that it took some of us older people to achieve.

The real issue is for (any) engineers is after you've been in the industry for some time... The salary (especially if you stay at the same company) starts to plateau really really fast....And while there are plenty of +$200k software engineer jobs, you really have to be good, and not just so-so...without moving into management....

That why eventually people not so great move into management eventually...people like me. ha ha.

Submitted by an on June 9, 2022 - 1:08pm.

Coronita wrote:
Svelte, so I'm not sure why there's a difference, but when I went to Indeed, this is what I got.... swsdswsd

Less that 1 year : $122k
1-2 years: $125.7k
3-5 years: --
6-9 years: 143.8k
10+ years: 164.8

Indeed also indicates a $600k cash bonus.
That's puts the 1-2 years around $131.7k.

Software Engineer salary -92121Software Engineer salary -92121

If you put in 92121 instead of just San Diego, you'll get $132k for less than 1 year and $141k average with 1-2 years being $136k.

Submitted by an on June 10, 2022 - 9:21pm.

With massive growth of large companies expanding here, maybe forcing for return to office would be a boon for RE in this area.

Submitted by sdrealtor on July 20, 2022 - 8:05am.
Submitted by Coronita on July 20, 2022 - 8:16am.

sdrealtor wrote:

Not surprising. Office space is expensive. And for a lot of white collar jobs, there's no reason to require people to be there all the time.

If someone isn't doing their job, that's performance management, and that happens remote or in person.

The premise of this original thread was just wrong.

Government workers, I've been hearing, are going back full time. But then a lot of government jobs incredibly bureaucratic and a lot of the decisions don't make sense, hence highly unlikely I would be working in the public sector.

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