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Submitted by Coronita on June 17, 2016 - 7:47am

Anyone have any opinion on AMD and their products? I'm not a total gamer and not really a VR user... Any of you a hard core gamer and have opinions on AMD's latest graphic offerings? Just wondering if AMD turned the corner and are their graphics offerings competitive for serious gamers and in demand. Or is everyone still using Nvidia?

I have shares that I bought awhile ago at $2.5 ish/share and am trying to figure out, if I should sell, roll the dice and hold on, or (even more foolish) double down.... A cash infusion from a Chinese investment group in exchange for x86 licensing seemed to have quell some of the cash crunch concerns with the company. Plus, if they do partner with a low cost company from China to develop cheap x86 server chips, they would be giving Intel a run for their money.

Submitted by moneymaker on June 17, 2016 - 10:15am.

Didn't think they were big on the video side. Cash infusions are in general not a good sign for long term growth.

Submitted by Doofrat on June 17, 2016 - 1:33pm.

Rantings of an opinionated gamer:
I think AMD is done in the high end video card market, they've gotten too far behind Nvidia to catch up at this point unless Nvidia goofs up for several years in a row, and even then Nvidia has a much stronger financial footing. AMD can cut prices and overclock their cards to make up for their lack of power on the high end for only so long before their completely out of the high end market.
AMD might be able to scale down and refocus on the console market, or on lower end video cards, but unfortunately, I don't see them offering too much competition to Nvidia on the high end and they have to stop bleeding money and piling up losses if they want to survive at all.

VR over the next 5 years will require multiples in performance increases.
For example, in the VR space, resolution really needs to be doubled from where it's at now before it looks really good. I know AMD has a $200 card that will just barely run some of the current generation of VR, but to double resolution in VR requires an 8 fold increase in rendering (8x rather than 4x because of having to render twice).

I don't know anything about 4k.

I don't see AMD being the one to beat Nvidia to this.
I hope I'm wrong about this because AMD is the only real competition to Nvidia.

Submitted by joec on June 17, 2016 - 6:19pm.

I think AMD (used to be ATI) is just so insignificant now and needing cash infusions won't make any programmer/developers or chip plants want to support your platform if you will be sold, not around, etc etc...long term.

They have also had layoffs and morale must be dismal.

I think they may have won some chip contracts for consoles, but don't follow it closely at all.

I game and only use Nvidia for "imagined" better compatibility and less problems.

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